community appalled by passage of anti-conversion bill in Karnataka | bangalore

The “protection of the right to freedom of religion,” which has now become law, has created havoc and discord within the state’s Christian community.

JA Kanthraj PRO and Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Bangalore said, “The entire Christian community in Karnataka is deeply troubled and deeply saddened by the passage of the ‘Protection of the Right to Freedom of Religion – 2021”, which is now a law”.

The Community feels betrayed for all its selfless service to society in education, health and social services.

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“The content of the law remains bitter, brutal and abrasive in its nature compared to what was presented as a bill nine months ago and now translated into law,” he added.

Showing his displeasure, he added, “The Metropolitan Archbishop Peter Machado, the Bishops of Karnataka and all Christian leaders, and others who defend the secular fabric of our democratic society will make the decision to find legal recourse and challenge the law as a whole. “.

Earlier, opposition Congress leaders attacked the ruling BJP, saying the legislation was a “political trick” introduced to distract from issues such as unemployment and inflation.

Congress had staged a Legislative Council strike over the passage of the Religious Freedom Protection Bill, 2021, which was passed by the State Legislative Assembly in December this year. last.

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“Doing such a thing is not allowed in the Constitution. The biggest conversion in Karnataka is happening in the Lingayat community. humiliate certain (segment of the) population and target a particular community. Freedom of religion is a constitutional right and everyone has it. You cannot prevent someone from converting. As a government, you are there to protect the Constitution and protect the whole society of the people in the society,” Congress MP NA Hassan told ANI.

Another Congressman from Shivajinagar, Rizwan Arshad, also expressed his dismay saying it was a bull brought in to please the RSS.

“This is a political bill, introduced to please their bosses in Sangh Parivar and to distract from the 40% commissions, unemployment, inflation and rising prices and hide their inefficiencies. They will target the Christian community and the churches. This will empower the hooligans who target the churches. This is a sadistic bill and contrary to natural justice. This bill will empower those who target the churches,” a said Arshad.

According to the state government, the bill provides for the protection of the right to freedom of religion and the prohibition of unlawful conversion from one religion to another by misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, seduction or any other fraudulent means.

The bill passed in both Houses of Karnataka by the BJP government gives the right to anyone to file a complaint against religious conversion, protecting the right to freedom of religion in the state. It proposes a prison sentence of up to ten years for forced religious conversion and the offense is made non-bailable and prosecutable.

Karnataka Minister, CN Ashwath Narayan, however, refuted the Congress allegations.

“This is a constitutional bill. It will bring more clarity. The bill contains provisions that have a clear process so that there is no confusion, hatred, conflict or differences. A real process has been introduced in the Constitution which is forward – Should we allow more problems in society? This is a sensitive issue, and as legislators it is our responsibility to address this issue very firmly” , he told ANI.

According to the new law, in the case of a converted person, his parents, his brother, his sister or any other person related by blood, marriage, adoption or, in any form, associate or colleague can file a complaint for such conversion.

The bill is intended to prohibit illegal conversion of religion, to provide protection to those who have been coerced into converting from one religion to another through misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, seduction, promise of marriage or by any fraudulent means and for matters relating thereto or incidental thereto.

“No one shall convert or attempt to convert, directly or otherwise, another person from one religion to another by the use or practice of force, undue influence, coercion, seduction or by any fraudulent means or by any other means or promise of marriage, and no one shall encourage or conspire with such conversion,” the bill says.

Notably, the bill was introduced by the BJP government in the Karnataka Assembly last year, after which it sparked controversy and faced opposition from opposition parties in the state.

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