New Christian Church settles in St Bees for the first time

The Open Christian Episcopal Church was brought to Cumbria for the first time.

Reverend Debra Maria Flint was appointed by Archbishop Jonathan Blake to start a community in his area of ​​St Bees.

The Open Episcopal Church was established in the UK in 2001, but its origins date back to the ancient Catholic Church in the Netherlands.

The Church bases its practices on the early New Testament Church, so it has no official dogmas and does not operate from any building.

The Episcopal Church Open has a strong emphasis on equality and diversity and was the first church to endorse and perform same-sex marriages and consecrate a woman as bishop.

Rev. Flint is a trained nurse and worked for over 20 years in leadership positions before taking early retirement and has since become a well-known Christian feminist writer.

”I am now blessed to be a minister in the open Episcopal Church which treats women equally,” the Reverend said. Flint.

”I will always try to use my ministry to serve those who are weak and vulnerable within society and to visit the sick and elderly in particular. Anyone requiring a hospital or home visit can call me on 07807 644776.’

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