Redeemed Christian Church of God Donates to National Cathedral

Redeemed Christian Church of God Donates to National Cathedral


The Pentecostal mega-church and denomination founded in Lagos, Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has donated an amount of GH₵11,500 for the construction of the National Cathedral of Ghana in execution of a annual budget allocation for the project.

RCCG National Secretary Samuel Kofi Anna Wilson, who made the donation to the Secretariat of the Department of State Protocols yesterday, said the church would continue to raise funds to continue supporting the project.

On receiving the donation, the Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah commended the church for its contributions and affirmed that the essence of the National Cathedral project is not just to promote the Ghanaian Christian faith but that of Africa. in its entirety.

“Just as the construction of the Temple of Solomon was a historic event not only in Israel but also in the whole world, we believe that the construction of the National Cathedral is a historic event not only in Ghana, but also in the rest. of Africa,” he said yesterday.

Developed as the ‘Home of African Christianity’, the executive director reiterated that the design, described as an ‘architectural expression of African Christianity’, captures the moment when Christianity became a significant force in Africa’s cultural landscape.

He added that the project also includes an Africa Bible Museum, will be the largest Bible museum in the world, with a thematic focus on the role of Africa and Africans in the Bible, and, the history and place contemporary with the church in Africa. and the African Diaspora.
Suspended works

Meanwhile, Dr. Opoku-Mensah further revealed that work on the National Cathedral project had been put on hold as the Secretariat had run out of capital to finance the construction.

“We have the contractors and their staff on site, but the work has been suspended. We hope that in the coming weeks, as part of our fundraising and other initiatives, we can get back to work,” he said.
“Our ability to complete this work is highly dependent on the support of Ghanaians,” he said.

Urging Ghanaians to contribute, Dr Opoku-Mensah said the lofty ambition can only be achieved if the people unite in heart and deed to be part of the mission to complete the construction works of the building.

“The money could be big in terms of volume, but if indeed we have 21 million Christians and one million can give us ₵100 a month for a year, we can easily finish this in time. I refuse to believe that we cannot get a million Ghanaians out of the 21 million Christians to support this. I still have faith in the Ghanaian and I am confident that we will do that,” he stressed.
Take the challenge

The executive director also revealed plans “to engage the Vatican Museum and Library to see if it would be possible to secure artifacts that would help make it a major resource center for African Christians.” The Vatican is known to provide such assistance in appropriate cases.”

“Let us build our National Cathedral to be the epicenter of our lives, the place of our great celebrations, our thanksgivings, our funerals, and the place of great moments of silence and introspection, the place that symbolizes the place of faith in our psyche,” he said.

Dr. Opoku-Mensah is optimistic that the Christian community in Ghana, Africa and abroad will rise to the challenge and join in raising funds for the construction of the National Cathedral.

“I don’t see this project taking a century to complete like the great historic cathedrals of the world. Technology has radically transformed construction methods, and I’m sure that, if the Christian community accepts the challenge, we will build this cathedral and quickly. When completed, its value will be evident to all,” he stressed.

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