Lula against Bolsonaro’s unification of religion and state | New

Brazil’s presidential candidate Lula da Silva has criticized politicians who use faith as a political platform. His position was expressed at a time when his rival, Jair Bolsonaro, engages in such practices to attract voters.


Lula denounces Bolsonaro’s contempt for democracy

“I defend the secular state. The state should have no religion and the churches should not have political parties,” the politician told a rally in the city’s Anhangabaú Valley from Sao Paulo.

Although he did not name names, he accused “there are people” who use the Church as “a political stage or a business to make money”.

“When I want to talk with God, I don’t need parents or pastors. I can lock myself in a room and talk to God for as many hours as I want, without needing favors,” Lula commented. da Silva, who according to several polls leads in the voting preferences of Brazilians.

The man who already governed Brazil from 2003 to 2010 considered that the Church is an institution that must remain outside the State, for which he criticized the defense or the promotion “of the candidacies of false prophets or Pharisees who deny the people all day long”.

Jair Bolsonaro, who is seeking re-election, has repeatedly appealed to evangelical speeches to win the electoral preference of thousands of religious Brazilians. Last year he said “only God” can remove him from the presidency.

In fact, when kicking off the campaign, his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, said: “This campaign is another miracle of God, it started in 2019, when God did the miracle in my husband’s life. because he who preaches love and pacification has tempted against his life”.

During his speech in Rio de Janeiro, President Bolsonaro claimed that Brazil is a “mainly Christian” country, which believes in God and does not want setbacks, referring to an alleged “return of gender ideology in schools”; he also criticized the legalization of drugs and abortion.

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