Lay Leaders Strive to Keep Notre Dame Retirement Home Open | Religion

CANANDAIGUA – With the announcement that the Redemptorist Fathers will no longer be offering retreat ministry at Notre Dame Retreat House beginning in August 2023, a committee of lay people from various denominations is working to revamp and refocus the current business model and offerings to keep the finger The largest retirement home in the lakes is open.

Founded in 1967 by the Order of Redemptorists – a branch of Catholic priests headquartered in Washington, DC – Notre Dame Retreat House is nestled on 100 acres overlooking Lake Canandaigua and serves as both an escape and a place of spiritual renewal for Christians of all ages and denominations.

“Due to the shortage of priests, it is simply impossible for us to maintain the number of Redemptorist Fathers needed to run the place,” said Reverend Joseph “Frank” Jones, rector and director of the retirement home. “We welcome this effort by the community to explore possible ways to keep both the doors open and the mission alive for future generations.”

Comprised of businesspeople, retreat participants and religious leaders, the committee is led by Canandaigua residents Paul Peterson and Gary Keating.

“Gary and I have both attended many retreats at Notre Dame. It’s hard to quantify what this place has meant to so many people,” Peterson said. “I can tell you that my relationship with God is so much stronger because of my time here, and the response to save this place has been outstanding. All members of the community are welcome to join us!

Although still in its infancy, the committee’s plan is to breathe new life into current retreat offerings and explore new concepts for utilizing the nearly 50,000 square foot complex and extensive walking paths. All plans must receive the blessing of Redemptorists to ensure that the primary mission of Notre Dame Retreat House remains a place of personal reflection.

Those wishing to support this effort are encouraged to visit the website at Signing up for one of the retreats currently offered has an immediate impact. Donations for the future of Notre Dame are accepted online through PayPal, Venmo or GoFundMe. Physical checks can be mailed and made payable to Notre Dame Retreat House, 5151 Foster Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424. Footnote your check to “Notre Dame’s Future”.

All donations made to Phase 1 of this restructuring effort will be used to increase marketing efforts and improve facilities.

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