Accused of proselytizing against women in the Christian community, a dharna was held outside the city’s police station

Gurdaspur: In Gurdaspur, the issue of Hindus preventing women from preaching Christianity has become hot. Members of the Christian community gathered in large numbers to protest outside City Gurdaspur police station and demanded that their wives be deliberately brought to the police station by Hindus and commit suicide with them. On the other hand, people of Hindu religion have also called for the market to be closed and the police are trying to explain to both sides.

Informed about this, the head of ministry Ankur Narula said that yesterday some women belonging to his ministry went to Bahrampur Road in Gurdaspur to preach Christianity, where they were stopped by Hindus and shouted Jai slogans. Sriram and Jai Shankar. He said that these people abused their wives and then handed them over to the police station. He said the police also took their wives to the police station without any female officers and interrogated them. Today they staged a protest in front of the police station and demanded action against the police officers who brought their wives from the police station to the police station without a house and those who abused their wives. A complaint should be filed against them.

Reporting on the matter, Bittu, a resident of Behrampur Road, said that some women associated with Christianity had come to his house. They would break into their homes and preach the Christian community and pressure would be put on them to convert. He said many of these people converted people by force in the past, for which they arrested the women and sent them to the police station, for which today they closed the city of Gurdaspur and declared that if there was wrongdoing, they would be forced to protest on both sides. Efforts are currently being made to calm the situation.


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