Guidrys welcomed to the staff of the Christian Community Church

It’s almost like he was meant to be here since he was a kid.

Reverend Sam Guidry has been added to the ministry staff of the Boswell Christian Community Church as Youth and Family Pastor. He was a youth group leader at Compelled Church in Temperance, Michigan. He also relished the opportunity to preach at churches in the Toledo/Michigan area, either as a special speaker or replacing pastors on vacation or otherwise unable to serve on a specific Sunday.

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“I have a long history with Somerset County. My dad was a Marine so throughout my childhood we traveled all over the country,” Guidry said in an email. “Usually we only stayed in one place for a year or two. Sometimes it was just a few months. My grandmother and her husband, Louise and John Carr, bought a farmhouse just outside Boswell. It became a place of stability for me, because I came to the farm for between a week and a month every summer, from when I was 6 to 20 years old.

“After that the property continued to be important in my life. I proposed to my wife Allana here in 2001 while visiting my grandmother. Over the years much of the property has been sold, but the family kept the farmhouse and the land around it. When my mother passed away, I inherited the property. We originally intended to use it as a holiday and weekend home We started a routine of monthly visits in 2021 to assess and work on the property as well as enjoy the beauty of Somerset County During our visits we quickly fell in love with the area and the people here After about the third visit, my wife and I were sitting in the family room one evening. I looked at her and said, ‘Are we supposed to move here??’ and she just started laughing because she felt that too.After that, we started a long process towards the move.

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It was around this time that Reverend Kelly announced that Christian Community Church would add a staff member.

“Then a bit later (he) asked us if we would be interested in the job,” Guidry said. “It took us about six months to tie my ministry to Toledo and here we are.”

In anticipation of the ministry’s need

Reverend Charles Kelly said Guidry was hired because the church needed an assistant pastor on staff.

“When I need someone to fill in when I am away, the possibility of illness, etc. Not only to help me as senior pastor with the heavy load of ministry, but to work more intensively with our youth group and pastor families to help with visitation, lead Sunday School, Bible studies, and perform other basic ministry duties,” Kelly said in an email.

Sam, along with his wife Alanna, has served in many facets of ministry for over 20 years. They have five children: John, Robert, Samantha, Chayla and Nisa.

Guidry served as Spiritual Care Coordinator at Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice and worked at YES FM Ministries as Radio Network Director of Listening and Community Engagement. He also served at Cherry Street Mission Ministries in Toledo, Ohio. He will receive his master’s degree in December from Bowling Green University.

“Pastor Guidry is also very knowledgeable about the high-tech areas of the ministry that we needed help with,” Kelly said. “His former job at a Christian radio station should prove very beneficial to our needs here with our fairly elaborate sound system, live broadcast and computer network.”

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In 2020, Guidry published his first book, “The Hupomone Principle, Finding Freedom in Biblical Perseverance”.

“Goals would include helping to further stabilize our already strong ministry by being additional support in terms of preaching, teaching and having him and his family attend many of our church functions,” said Kelly. “I would expect him to be a great asset to our Men’s Fellowship ministry. Also to enhance our youth group by enabling it to grow further. To reach our youth for Christ and strengthen them in their walk with the Lord.” Reverend Kelly said he believed Sam and his family would be an asset to the church as well as the community.

“I believe he will not only fit in well here in our church, but also in our community. He is a wonderful family man and very friendly,” he said. “I’m getting a bit older and the load is a bit heavier for me. Sam may even be able to reach the community better than I can. Not only Pastor Sam, but his wife and daughter are already proving to be a blessing in helping with our children’s classes and attending work days and other church gatherings.”

“We love it here in Somerset County,” Guidry said. “Everyone has been so welcoming while we transitioned, and the area is amazingly beautiful. The Christian community church members welcomed us with open arms and quickly made us feel part of the community. family. We look forward to serving our church family at Christian Community Church, but we also look forward to becoming an active part of the greater community.”

The Christian Community Church is located at 2610 Lincoln Highway, Stoystown, along Route 30, a quarter mile west of Route 219 near Boswell. Services are: Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday School and 10:30 a.m. for Morning Worship; Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. for Bible study and youth/children’s classes.

For more information, call 814-443-4061 or visit:

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