Why religion should take a back seat on who rules Nigeria,

By Abba Dukawa

Hunger and unspeakable hardship do not respect ethnicity or
religion. Just like the rain, whenever there’s a downpour, no one has a roof
is always spared the reason why religion should not be a criterion
who rules the country.

As the country gradually counts the months before a new election year
still in 2023, the question of religion has taken center stage
with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other notables
Nigerians being at the epicenter of all religious controversies.

The weaponization of ethnic and religious chauvinism will be detrimental
debilitating for every Nigerian because these two sickening barometers
for the election of Nigerian leaders have set the country back.

There was no time in the country anal that we as a people have
never been polarized like now, when we worry about our safety because of our
collective failure to elect incompetent and incompetent leaders
knowledge necessary to divert the paths of the country of each other
the quagmires of a bad economy, insecurity, inequality and
well-being of citizens.

Unfortunately, the logical reasoning and eyesight of Nigerians seem to be impaired
with these errors of voting according to religious or tribal criteria.

Today in northern Nigeria and the country in general, terrorism and
terrorists are having a field day, killing, maiming, raping and
kidnapping for ransom. Kidnapping and banditry are now a lucrative business
business in the Nigerian climate

It is difficult today in present-day Nigeria to compare or juxtapose
the constitutional and primary responsibility of the government to
protect the lives and property of its citizens with the
realities that face us today at the request and in the watchful eyes of
president and state governors.

Nigeria has become a cemetery where thousands of people are killed on a
daily, while hundreds more have abandoned their homes, and
are displaced within their country.

Strongly following this bad vote, the economy of the country is in
in bad shape as the country arrives at the dreaded moment that the
the cost of servicing the debt exceeded the budget adopted by the federal government
revenue of N310 billion in the first four months of 2022. The Federal Government
total government revenue for the period was N1.63 trillion, while
debt service gobbled up to 1.94 trillion naira.

As the country prepares for the 2023 general elections, there is a need
for Nigerians to learn to put the interests of the country first
before any parochial, tribal, ethnic or religious interest because
the country is for all of us. Since the ruling party in power is betting on
muslim muslim banknotes there is no end in sight to the public spat on the
the tickets despite this spat have nothing to do with the interest of
Muslims or Christians, but only political interests.

Why should religion be the criteria to determine who rules Nigeria?
Why presidential and vice-presidential religions
Candidates Matter? And what is religion in this case Christianity and
Islam has to do with a person’s ability and ability to
effectively govern a country like Nigeria?

I mean, Nigeria is not only the only country comprising of Christians and
Muslims. Millions of Nigerians do not have this identity as Christians
or as Muslims. There are Nigerians who are atheists/humanists,
traditional and religious, like their Christians and Muslims
counterparts, they also have the right to participate in political life and
governance. They have the right to vote and to be elected. Ended discussions
Muslim-Muslim, Muslim-Christian, Christian-Christian and
Christian-Muslim banknotes made religions, especially Christianity
and Islam, the main parameters for the choice of the president and vice

For this reason, the Christian Association of Nigeria and its
infantry must know that their position cannot (nor make noise
nor intimidation can force voters to circumvent their wishes
just for their political survival. Why did Babashir and others fume
Muslim Muslim banknotes, and why did they feel wronged by the action
using the available platform apparently making some people stand up
against choice.

For the former Secretary of the Federation Government, SGF, and others
as minds and individuals across the country, should remember Nigerians
are wise enough and will not allow any religious feeling to add more
suffering for us, as they swing dollars and naira at their comfort

However, these people cannot claim to be saints to speak in the name of
other Christians. They do it for their interest and not for the poor
Christians and Christianity. For anyone to fight in the name of his
religion, he must be morally upright because religion is to straighten
the bad.

Religious organizations or related groups should not allow
job seekers to abuse religion as a tool to access power and simply obtain
personal gain of those in authority. We should understand that
The constitution of Nigeria grants everyone the freedom of religion which
must be strictly enforced and protected.

Dukawa writes from Kano can be reached via [email protected]

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