St. Christian’s Church in Beizheng, Hunan, hosts the second “ant market”

A church in central China’s Hu’nan Province held an activity of buying and selling useless goods in response to the “Joint Initiative on Promoting Frugality and Abstaining from the extravaganza” launched by various national religious groups.

Beizhengjie Church in Changsha hosted the second “ant market” activity on July 11, with the first taking place on Mother’s Day, the church said.

The event was attended by the Morning Star Choir, Youth Choir and Morning Choir who conducted “Bethel Stall” and “Olive Stall”. In total, five stands were operated by these three choirs. At the market site, flat screens were used. show the styles and uses of various products so that attendees can understand the inventory and sales volume of the products on display. The goods included various books, toys, decorations, electric stoves, electric fans, tea sets, cups and bowls, various clothes, lamps, shoes and hats, clocks, cosmetics, crafts… The whole market looked like a small trade fair, many goods were reserved before being put on the market, some even snapped up as soon as they were put on the stall. This “ant market” combined physical objects with technology.

According to the church, someone bought a kettle for two yuanand another bought a desk lamp for five yuan. These small goods that they bought not only satisfied their own needs, but were also affordable. This ant market turned waste into wealth, “advocating the consciousness of frugality and refraining from extravagance”.

– Translated by Stephen Huang


St. Christian’s Church in Beizheng, Hunan, hosts the second “ant market”

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