Do you have enough oil in your lamp?

As we gathered for Sunday morning worship at Mill Creek Baptist Church, we raised many in prayer including Tom and Mildred, Barbara, Norman, Beck, Greg, Mike, Molly and a few unsaid.

Doug opened our service with prayer and Linda read Mark 2:22 and shared the devotional, “The Tragedy of the Old Wineskins.” religion-do-you-have-enough-oil-in-your-lamp/”Put new wine into an old wineskin is a lost cause. Repentance means change. You cannot breathe new life into an old lifestyle or the new life is lost.”

The adult Sunday School class studied 1 Kings 3:4-15 in the “Granted” lesson, which recounts Solomon’s request for an understanding heart and the many blessings God gave him for that request. The lesson reminds us that “God answers prayers in a way that suits his purposes and his heart.” Raye Deen did the children’s church.

Tyrel and Rick served as ushers for the offering, and Susan and Karen led the congregation in singing hymns of praise.

Pastor Brother Mark Hall shared God’s message, “Prepin’ for the Return.” with the scripture of Matthew 25:1-13. Scripture is the parable, an earthly story with spiritual significance, of the ten virgins.

Brother Mark began by telling us that “Many people are preparing today. We are all caught off guard, and sometimes unprepared, but the greatest thing we need to prepare for is the return of Jesus because without that, none of the other preparations matter. Do not be caught sleeping, distracted, unprepared, and unprepared as five of the virgins did. The other five were ready with oil in their lamps.

Brother Mark spoke of what prepared virgins and what did not prepare them to meet the bridegroom. First, he told us that the 10 virgins represent the church and that Jesus is the bridegroom.

“They were all members of the same bridal party, but that didn’t get them in. They were all moral and good girls, but that didn’t get them in. They all had the same stuff — a lamp, a sign of their profession of faith, but that did not bring them in. Professing is not equal to possessing. They had the lamp, but five of them had no oil in their lamps, and this oil is the Holy Spirit, the spirit that enlightens us.

They all had the same motive. They were all there to meet the bridegroom, just like everyone wants to go to heaven, but wanting to go is not enough, you have to be prepared (Luke 12:47). They all had the same manners. From the outside, they all looked the same, but five of them weren’t ready, and if the other five had known they weren’t, they would have asked them if they were.

You need salvation and so do your friends. Churches are full of distracted people. We are distracted and sleep as the five have done since Christ.

And finally, they all had the same expectations. They all expected to come in and meet the bridegroom, but five could not because they had no oil in their lamps and were unprepared. The other five could not give them oil because some things are not transferable, such as character, obedience, and faith.

Sometimes you just have to get it yourself. It’s between you and Jesus. The difference is that the five who ran out of oil never repented and never made sure their lamp was filled with the Holy Spirit. I suspect they believed in themselves that they were righteous simply because they were part of the group. Just being in the group doesn’t get you in.”

In closing, Brother Mark asked, “Without love and humility, do you have enough oil in your lamp to get you into it? You cannot trust your own righteousness rather than God. When you have Jesus, you have a supply of oil – the Holy Spirit – in your lamp. Are you ready ? If you are not prepared for the coming of Jesus, all other preparations will not matter. Do you know you are ready? Is your lamp full?”

Wayne gave the blessing.

We invite you to worship with us at Mill Creek Baptist Church on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. Sunday school starts at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome. Vacation Bible School will be held in July.

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