Bauchi governor hails Christian community’s intercessory prayers for peace and stewardship

Segun Awofadeji in Bauchi

Christians in Bauchi State have been commended for their continued prayers for peace in the state, the governor and his administration at this difficult time of governance in the country.

The recommendation was made by the Governor of Bauchi State, Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, who said that all the successes, achievements, developments and peaceful coexistence recorded in the state over the past three years were all the result of their prayers.

The Governor who spoke through his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Christian Issues, Reverend Zakka Magaji, at the all-day prayer rally organized by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Saturday called on the Christian community not to give in to fervent prayers for divine intervention.

He said, “Thank God we have great men of God in Bauchi who prayed for the land, that’s why all the evils that happen in other states are not experienced here.”

According to the Governor, “It’s not like they weren’t tempted, but, the Bible in Isaiah 8:10 says they will take counsel together but it will fail, they will speak the words of their wicked plans but they don’t stand because God is with us.

He added that “we in this government are very aware that it was the prayers that sustained Bauchi State. Because the children of God prayed, that is why peace prevailed in Bauchi. He said that I should tell you that you are partners of his government.

“We must be aware of the things around us, of anything that can cause chaos and disunity between us, please try to avoid them. Keep preaching peace so that people will see the light and be drawn to the God that you serve.

Earlier in his welcome address, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bauchi State Chapter, Reverend Abraham Damina lamented that the country is sick and in a dilapidated state and needs urgent prayers for the intervention of God.

Damina described the theme: “In times like this” as very timely because “the current situation calls for fervent prayers for the moral life of our country, which is in a dilapidated state. We are here to pray to God to change the narrative.

He called for the unity of the body of Christ in Bauchi State given the precarious situation they are currently facing in the country.

He also called on young Christians to refuse to be used by politicians as political thugs urging them to be agents of peace and not of crises, especially using social media.

The CAN President said: “You will all agree with me that Nigeria is very, very sick at the moment. The challenges are enormous, but with God we will overcome them all. The challenge of insecurity has spawned so many other challenges.

He added that “we must continue to pray for peace to reign in our land, poverty is a threat; the earth is in great abject poverty. Strikes left right and center, religious sectarianism, kidnapping, banditry, Fulani shepherds. There are so many syndromes that have plagued the church and society at large. The way is to invoke God.

“I wish to implore the churches of Bauchi to unite. We are one and we will continue to be one because there is strength in church unity. Church unity at this perilous should not be underestimated. Those who are not ready to cooperate now would seek help from others and not find it. Now is the time to be united.

“I wish to call on our young Christians to come to terms with themselves and not be used as political thugs. Be relevant in the church you belong to because the future of the church is in your hands.

“Please young Christians, let’s build the church of our dream, let’s renounce unhealthy lifestyles, use social media to spread good things and not to light the fire of discord.”

The CAN president however challenged Christians to ensure they get their permanent voters card as it is their power to decide who governs them even as he called on Christian politicians to play the playing politics with decency because they are the light of the world.

Damina called on Christians in the state to be more security conscious and ensure that their churches and homes are secure.

He emphasized that “while praying for God’s intervention in the affairs of the unfortunate security situation in Nigeria, we hope that one day we will enjoy absolute peace in our God given land of Nigeria.

“Let me take this golden opportunity to call on all Christians in Bauchi State to imbibe the culture of peaceful coexistence. Our Governor is a peacemaker; our Emir is a peacemaker. Therefore , we should deliberately inculcate the spirit of peace in all our areas.

He further called to “complement the efforts of His Excellency the Executive Governor of Bauchi State and thank him for his stubbornness in maintaining peace and order in the state irrespective of religion and tribe; he always shows love and care for the citizens of the state. We also wish to deeply appreciate the effort of the Emir of Bauchi in preaching peace in all its ramifications.

“Therefore, we must do our utmost to maintain the ties of peaceful coexistence in Bauchi State. Please, Christians, love your neighbor as yourself, do good to those who hate you, for what we desire on this earth is peace and nothing else,” he said. it also launched.

In his message, guest speaker, Evangelist Ezekiel Dachumo, COCIN Prayer and Revival Unit Coordinator Jos called on Christians in the state to face the fear in their hearts given the current situation in the country.

Dachumo said, “I have come to beg you Christians in Bauchi, please destroy the fear in your hearts for it is a great weapon in the hands of Satan. When Satan manages to sow fear in your life, you are finished. When the enemy knows that fear has disappeared from Christians all over the country, he will bow down.

“The enemy is having a field day in Nigeria because the Christians are full of fear but the day we realize this and we stop being afraid, I assure you there will be world in the country. Use social media and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ there without fear. Go to the world of Muslims and so-called Christians and proclaim the gospel without fear.

He added that “the enemy has besieged Christians in Nigeria, especially in the north. What are we supposed to do as Christians? We are expected, at a time like this, to be bold and stand up and defend Christ.

He warned Christians against living a life of sin, calling on them to defend themselves through the power of prayer against the harm done to them.

“Pray for those who killed Deborah (Samuel in Sokoto). Let us pray for those who stifle the truth. Any Christian who will defend Jesus Christ is a false Christian. The God we serve will protect us and he will protect even those who hate us because he is alive and he knows everything. In a time like this let us forgive, in a time like this let us support each other and speak out against the evil in the land of Nigeria,” he said.

The one-day prayer rally, which was the second edition organized by CAN in the state, was held at the CAN secretariat in Rafin Zurfi and was well attended by the Christian community in the state.

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