Nigerian governor visits devastated Christian community

19/04/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Last week, April 14, Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong visited Irigwe chiefdom to offer condolences for recent attacks and talk about peace attempts In the region. Twelve Irigwe Christian communities have been attacked and displaced by Fulani militants from January 2022 to date. More than fifty Christians from Rigwe were killed, their homes burned and their crops destroyed.

ICC was present at the meeting with Governor Lalong. Also present at the meeting were many government officials, the Irigwe Traditional Council, Christian leaders, Irigwe youth and many others at the Miango rest house.

The governor said he failed to complete a project in Irigwe due to insecurity. “I’m here to offer my condolences” says Lalong, “and to preach peace”, he added. In his remarks, he did not name the attackers.

The National Chairman of Irigwe Youth Movement, Ezekiel Bini thanked the Governor for his visit and asked him to ensure the ban on open grazing in Plateau State, especially in Irigwe Chiefdom. “This will help stop the attacks,” Bini said, “and make sure all the houses are rebuilt.” Bini also stressed the need to “security in all villages and farms.”

“We are peaceful people” said Bini to the Governor. “Our enemies attack us but we never retaliate.”

Bini also asked the Governor to ensure that the vigilantes – the village guards – are empowered to fight terrorism in the community and pleaded with the Governor to ensure that the Jos to Miango road is completed. Finally, Bini called for the speedy passage of the Ranching Bill currently in the Plateau State Assembly to address the issue of open grazing which is at the center of attacks and displacements in the region. .

Lalong said he regretted the loss of life and property and the displacement of people and promised that the government would help displaced people find their homes and continue to provide relief materials and support to those whose lives have been lost. was interrupted by the attacks. The governor said terrorist groups want to bring hunger to Christians by continuing to destroy farms.

In his address, Reverend Ronku Aka expressed his gratitude to Governor Lalong for his commitment to restoring peace to the lands of Irigwe despite the many setbacks suffered and attempts by some to discredit him.

He called on the Governor to use all his powers to ensure that anyone who breaches the terms of the agreement is dealt with according to law in order to deter others. Its people, Reverend Aka said, are tired of attacks and unjustified losses.

The President of the Irigwe Development Association, Mr. Robert Dodo, said in his presentation that the security forces have done their best but still operate in a reactive rather than proactive manner. He also called on the government to resolve boundary adjustments in the area, which he said is also a factor in the level of insecurity in the area.

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