‘We Do the Work of the Lord’: MD Church Celebrates Over 90 Virtual Baptisms

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of change to churches around the world, forcing pastors to get creative when it comes to holding worship services and even performing baptisms.

While most places of worship moved to online church services, there remained the issue of new believers being baptized due to social distancing guidelines.

Traditionally, a pastor stands alongside the baptismal candidate during the immersion. However, a mega-church in Maryland has found another way to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Reverend Keshia Dixon, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden (FBCG) online campus, told CBN News that they came up with the idea of ​​virtual baptisms for new members of the church.

“There was a need to create a way for them to become members of the church,” Reverend Dixon told CBN News. “If we expand membership, we have to be able to do everything.”

Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. led the first virtual immersion in February 2021 with nine-year-old Amina Massai Jefferson-Motley.

The young girl and her mother, Brandi Jefferson, stood in the bathtub of their Georgia home as the young girl gave her life to Jesus Christ.

“I have wanted to be baptized for years and finally got it,” Amina said, according to Religion News Service. “After I was baptized, I felt so thankful that I was saved and that the Holy Spirit was with me.”

Dixon said the FBCG had performed 91 virtual baptisms since Amina’s. And that number is growing.

“The next one is in May,” the Reverend noted. “We do the work of the Lord.

“It’s amazing what happens during these baptisms,” she continued. “We love it. We’ve had one in London, one in Australia. We’ve got a couple more internationals coming up.”

Dixon told CBN News that she has seen God move since the church launched its baptisms online.

“There was a virtual baptism with a 40-year-old man who had a difficult life,” she recalls. “He gave his life back to the Lord. It was symbolic for him, changing his life. He cried. We were crying because it was a new beginning for him. It was beautiful. Now he’s on fire for the Lord.”

Dixon pointed out that choosing to be baptized virtually rather than in person doesn’t make the moment any less meaningful.

“It’s a thing for them. It’s no less than a thing,” the Reverend said.

She mentioned that other virtual candidates baptized their spouses, parents and children.

“It was so beautiful to see them baptize their whole family,” Dixon noted.

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