Stronghold Christian Church brawl: Referee needs 30 stitches after basketball players and parents have him THRASH

A nasty incident occurred at a youth basketball game in Georgia, where a group of teenage players and their parents attacked a referee at the premises of the Stronghold Christian Church where the game was being played, the when the referee was attacked and punched was caught on camera. . Last Sunday, April 3, a basketball game with the name “Love of the Game” was played at the church premises in Lithonia, Georgia, and as soon as the game ended, some players approached from one of the referees and made a series of impassioned comments.

In the video, taken by a game assistant and posted on Facebook, the youngsters are seen following the official, who decides to flee when he feels threatened, but the players chase him and start beating him. The referee chooses to return some of the punches, but he is quickly surrounded by additional players who continue to beat him hard, some even hitting him in the head. The referee stops being beaten after a few seconds, mainly due to the involvement of other referees who advised the players to stop attacking. According to TMZ, the Dekalb County Police Department arrived at the site in response to an attack and are currently investigating the incident. Meanwhile, after being violently assaulted, the referee demanded 30 stitches.


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Many social media slammed the youth group for their wrongdoings during the basketball game. One person wrote on Twitter: “Parents have done a great job with these upstanding and good young citizens I see.” “The sad thing is that there is a national shortage of young referees in all sports and this would be the number 1 reason why many youth league seasons are cut short. another person added. “10 to 1? You will have some tough guys. That 10 to 1 gives you some street cred? 🙄 A lot of kids can’t stand defeat these days. Every child who participated should be permanently suspended from all leagues,” another person remarked.

Meanwhile, in a statement, a church representative from Stronghold Christian Church said: ‘It is truly unfortunate with the turn of events that took place with the basketball game held at our facility this weekends. We open our doors to serve our community and our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to enjoyment, enrichment, etc.” “While we cannot control people, we hope and pray that those who enter our facility conduct themselves in the best possible manner. Our prayers go out to all involved in this current situation,” the statement added.

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