Northern Christian Church officials discuss future uses with library

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Inot a town or a famous Modernist Bank East now a Coffee store and a announcement Modernist newspaper building East now a architectural Classroom, a rented Modernist church may be could to become a library programming space out.

This is What Bartholomew county public Library leaders are considering with designate Ero by Saarinen 1964 jewel known like North Christian Church, according to for Jason Hatton, library director. Hatton noted this the library East in the environment of hiring a consultant for examine the idea.

Nance Aurand-Humpf, North Christian Church plank chair, published a declaration related to for discussions this to have unfolded bi-weekly among the library, the church and the non-profit Landmark Columbus Foundation (like a guide and Resource) for many month. With North The Christians decreases worship service presence for almost the pass decade, church leaders recently posed disabled Staff this included Pastor Tonja Gerardy. She confirmed this his last daytime included the Sunday worship service for March 27.

“As numerous dominant churches, we to have seen a constant decline in membership more than the last some decades,” Aurand Humpf noted. “Contrary to more churches in this Category, we to have had the added challenge of kindness for and protect a national Historical Landmark and Columbus’ architectural Treasure. This East no small feat for a active congregation of less than 30 people.”

Gerardy had discussed this challenge openly Above all because the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic to put same further away stump on some of the in trouble Houses of worship locally. Same in the middle of the presence challenge the pass decade, and like far back like previous Pastor lanny Lawler, the church at continued a of his higher profile, unofficial-but-visible community the roles: like a The source of spiritual unity and a voice for deprived of his rights segments of Bartholomew County, including to Questions Phone like immigration and the LGBTQ community.

This also at hosted Phone gatherings like a Memorial service in 2019 for the Christian victims of Easter church service terrorist bombing in Sri Lanka.

“This year, this become disengage this we were to a unsustainable path,” Aurand Humpf noted. “We realized this we would like to have for lengthen Staff disabled earlier rather than later if we wanted to for to help our employees transition for New works. I a m sad for report this we to have ended this.

“We are excited on the the library interest in our building and lands. We want to for to leave the building in good hands with a entity this actions our understood values. You can not to find a Continued fair, understood public space out than a library.

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