First Christian church in Alexandria/Pineville to lead the March for Justice Stations of the Cross

The following was provided by First Christian Church Alexandria/Pineville:

First Christian Church Alexandria/Pineville will lead the Walk for Justice the Stations of the Cross on Friday, April 15, 2022. The walk will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Holocaust Memorial (4th and Elliott Street) and end at the Hall of town. in downtown Alexandria. People from any congregation – or those who don’t belong to any congregation – are welcome to join the march.

This year’s event updates the original march created last year by DC Sills, David Carson and Karen Riley Simmons. It combines the passion of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for justice with the age-old devotion of Holy Week. The march reimagines each of the traditional Stations of the Cross on the streets of downtown Alexandria and connects them to the most vulnerable members of the central Louisiana community, those who may be discouraged, hurt, ridiculed or feel abandoned. He remembers Jesus’ experience of all these emotions on his way to the cross and his compassion for those who are enduring the same today.

“Linking the Stations of the Cross to social justice was deeply meaningful and made a moment of commemoration a living witness to the suffering of our time.” said Reverend Lyndon Marcotte, pastor of the First Christian Church. “What Jesus did becomes a window for us to witness the injustice of our time.”

The identification of the various stations with places in Alexandria is a reminder of who needs attention today, those who suffer like him. In a church playground, remembering when Jesus stumbled is a reminder of how poverty and hunger are stumbling blocks for many children in Rapides Parish. At a bus stop, remembering Jesus meeting his mother makes one imagine Mary waiting today for ATRANS to take her to a minimum wage job – a job that does not allow her to travel even though she is working. full time. At Caplan’s clothing store, thinking about Jesus being stripped of his clothes reminds those who, like Jesus, have little more than the clothes on their backs and what they can carry. Combining these different perspectives of human struggles with local landmarks is intended to be a call to action to address inequality in central Louisiana.

“When we read the story of Jesus’ walk to his crucifixion, it is just that, a story. It’s not real to us, we don’t see it playing out in our daily lives, other than memorizing, “Jesus died for me.” said Reverend DC Sills, co-creator of the Stations of the Cross March for Justice. “The gravity of the state execution of Jesus is not felt. But to parallel the walk of Jesus with the world we now live in is deeply moving and meaningful.”

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