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When our Lord died, the great curtain of the Temple was torn from top to bottom. This was no small feat as the curtain was 60 feet wide, 30 feet high, and 4 inches thick. Yet in our Christian journey, this is rarely, if ever, considered.

This curtain once separated the Holy of Holies from the individual believing Jew. Once a year, a priest was chosen to pass through the inner chamber and that individual could only do so once during his lifetime. When our Lord died, this curtain was torn to give mankind unrestricted access to the Holy of Holies – that is, God Himself in and through the Person of Jesus the Christ.

In our journey to the Kingdom, we must first come to the cross. The next stage of our journey is to pass through this opening, made by the sacrifice of Jesus, and to approach the Holy of Holies, himself.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to do this, you won’t find that experience written in books, no matter how hard you look. Nor can you find out more on radio, television or social media; for it is too ethereal for the written word and the tongue hesitates to speak of it. This part of the journey is for you, alone, to experience. It’s personal. No one can experience it for you.

All I can tell you. Approaching God through Christ produces feelings that are not unique to you, but they will be as familiar to you as your mother’s smile. This change is incremental in nature. So if you desire to undergo this metamorphosis from the natural to the spiritual, you must seek and enjoy regular fellowship with God. It takes a call, a faith and a will to love and be loved.

Many are called but few are chosen, said our Lord. Presumably they have received the call if they are drawn to Jesus and their desire is to have a relationship with God the Father. You can safely believe that your call is effective when that call and your love of God coincide in the person of Jesus Christ, and you, by your new nature, begin to bear the fruit of the Kingdom – joy, peace, patience. , kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

However, it takes faith in the love of God, your Father, to approach him with the confidence necessary to flourish in his presence. If you have true faith and the call of God, God will grant you the grace necessary to overcome your shy fears. Trust in him, and when God walks through your life in the cool of the evening, don’t cover yourself with leaves or hide yourself. Come humbly but boldly and introduce yourself. Tell the Lord God your name and tell him about you. Be intimate. He already knows everything about you, but he likes to hear about you from your own lips. He came out as an individual with personality, talk to him like you would talk to someone you love. This way you can start a real relationship with the Lord your God. Simply trust in God’s love, and His grace will allow your relationship to grow.

During these precious moments, when you give yourself completely to His love and adoration, you will begin to understand what it is to worship.

God loves you. Trust him.

Lamping, who lives in Craigmont, is the leader of Dandelion Ministries and is associated with Craigmont Community Church. His YouTube channel can be found at

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