Preacher brings the sheaves – and the bass | Religion

As minister, the Reverend Jamie Watson is a fisher of men.

As a tournament fisherman, he is a bass fisherman.

“I don’t impose my faith on anyone,” says Watson, a Christian Life Chapel pastor in Lebanon and an accomplished tournament fisherman who recently won an event at Woods Reservoir.

“But everyone knows I’m a minister,” he adds, “and I’ve had an impact on the lives of some people I’ve fished with. One time I prayed with a man at a dock, and he was led to the Lord.

Watson, a 1994 graduate of Lebanon High and a Bible college in Oklahoma City, followed his grandfather’s call to ministry. This grandfather, the late Argyle Faith, founded the Watson Now Pastors Church.

“I always knew what I was supposed to do, but it took me a while to do it,” says Watson, who tried other professions, including teaching, before responding to the question. call to the pulpit.

Now, in addition to his ministry, Watson operates a renovation business in Lebanon. He and his wife Angie have four children, Collin, Alissa, Lauren and Jamison.

Jamison is a junior division tournament angler and fourth generation angler. His great-grandmother got his dad hooked.

“When I was five or six, I started fishing with my grandmother, Joyce Smithwick – Grannie Joyce,” says Watson. “We used to go to Old Hickory Lake, where she liked to fish catfish, and I fished bluegill. Since then I have been fishing.

Mt. Juliet’s fishing buddy, Chuck Campbell, involved Watson in the angling tournament 15 years ago. He and Campbell occasionally participate in fishing derbies together, along with various family members.

“I love competing in tournaments and hanging out with other anglers,” says Watson. “There is no pressure. On the contrary, for me, it’s a way to relax.

Watson takes his fishing seriously and he has a tournament touch. His recent win at Woods Reservoir was one of “many” he has displayed over the years. He not only landed the most bass (13.7 pounds) at Woods, but he also won the big fish award with a 5.6 pounds.

Was his victory due to skill, luck, or one of the two?

“Let’s say I was blessed,” he said with a smile.

These area fishing tournaments don’t offer big paychecks like the national competitions. Payouts are based on entry fees and vary with participation rates. But one thing is consistent with Watson:

“Whatever I earn, I tithe ten percent.”

In other words, he practices what he preaches.

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