CNY Inspirations: When love rules over the teachings of religion

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“A better day is coming for the world, a day when the insights of the soul of woman will be accepted as part of the spiritual wealth of humanity: when strength will recede and love, in reality, will will dominate the teachings of religion.” – Mathilde Joslyn Gage

Mathilde opposed most of her life the teachings of religious institutions that denigrated women. She wrote her groundbreaking critique of heinous practices and church preaching done in the name of Christianity in her magnum opus, Woman, Church and State. It was published in 1893 – just months before his death. The misogyny she denounced was a bold critique of the patriarchal churches of her time. She contrasts it dramatically with the old “golden age” in which “the femininity of the divine and the divinity of the feminine” were honored equally. She campaigned for the return of knowledge on the implementation of the feminine aspect of Divinity.

Susan Savion is a retired teacher and the author of “Quoting Matilda: The Words and History of a Forgotten Suffragist.” She is a member of the May Memorial Unitarian Universal Society.

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