Harrisonburg Slavic Christian Church Holds Fundraiser for Ukraine

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Cars lined up for miles on Erickson Avenue in Harrisonburg on Sunday afternoon as they waited to grab their lunch and pastries.

“To see so many people, you know, they say miles, miles down the road, and it’s really great that so many people showed up,” said Max Moroz of Slavic Christian Church.

The Harrisonburg Slavic Christian Church held a large lunch and bakery fundraiser to benefit Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine started a little over two weeks ago, and our friends, our family, our churches…you know they need money right now. They need help right now, and it was the fastest thing we could think of to fundraise, raise awareness, engage people in our community,” Moroz said.

It was the fastest way for the church to help people in Ukraine.

“I hope we can get this money quickly, it can be more useful for them,” Moroz said. “Every day they need more and more supplies. Things change; it’s a really dynamic situation, and that’s why we’re having this event today because we want to help our friends over there in Ukraine.

The menu offered both Ukrainian and American lunch choices. This included plov served with pickled vegetables and potato salad for the Ukrainian box. The American box had a choice of BBQ brisket or loin.

The church also held a bake sale and sold merchandise to collect as many donations as possible.

“We were expecting a lot fewer people, but the community has been really helpful,” Moroz said. “They’ve shown a lot of love, a lot of interest and it’s surprised us and we’re seeing more and more people wanting to help and it’s a really great community that we have, and the interest that they’re showing and the turnout is really great.”

This is what Moroz, along with the church, hopes is just the first of many things they are doing to help Ukrainians.

“There will be more and more refugees, there will be more and more people who will have to come to America and a longer term solution will be needed, so this is a temporary solution and later we will work on solutions longer term and stable charity work and helping people,” Moroz said.

If you weren’t able to attend today’s fundraiser but would like to donate, you can drop by the church website.

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