Servant Season 3 Episode 6 Fish Review – Basement Baptisms, Petunias, and All the Best Theories

Leanne claims her holy ground in a chilling Servant Season 3 Episode 6 that pits Pastor Nancy against the women of the house.

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I wish I was taller; I wish I was a baller with endless amounts of time to obsess over Servant. Mostly, I just wish I knew Julian in real life because JuJu and I would be best friends. Soon, everyone will have to choose sides. Leanne accumulates power and influence, and the Turners crumble even though they don’t know it yet. Servant Season 3 Episode 6 is a tipping point for the series. Trouble is brewing. Whether the Turners are in Heaven or Hell likely depends on who they choose to hang out with. Hope they make the right choice. I have one nagging concern about Julian though. Why do all his girlfriends disappear without a trace? Is he a hidden serial killer?

Leanne, homeless children and devil worship

We know what happened to Leanne and her abusers in the park, and for those who thought the homeless kids saved her, you were right. The cult members who pursued Leanne and badly injured her were prevented from killing her by the homeless children living in the park. As expected, they are Team Leanne and would like her to be their next leader. They are all official members of the Church of Minor Saints and see something special in it. They want it to lead them to enlightenment. However, the biggest question about them isn’t why they helped Leanne, but who they officially worshiped. They ask Leanne how she turned down “him”. Who is the “him” they refer to and what is he asking of everyone?

It would be easy to assume that the “he” in question is God, but what if Leanne was brought back for a purpose that didn’t include the Holy Trinity. What if, instead of being an angel or a saint, she was an offspring of the devil? She might as well be a fallen angel. Another interesting theory corresponds to the accounts of the Bible, which seem to reproduce in our time. The Turners are Adam and Eve, who had everything they could want but sacrificed it to taste knowledge. That single bite drove them out of the Garden of Eden, where they were forced to live for the rest of their existence.

The Turners’ magnificent home was Eden, but it’s dilapidated and rotten now that it’s been defiled. Leanne is the serpent, Lucifer, who chose free will over the will of God. By bringing back Jericho, she allowed evil to enter the Garden. Leanne’s story is the story of Lucifer Morningstar, who started out as one of God’s favorite angels but rebelled against him. Homeless children are her sidekicks and Leanne is almost ready for something.

We don’t know what it is yet, but it can’t be good for the cult. Leanne grows in power and confidence and has a family to support her and a group of followers to defend her. In the final moments of Servant Season 3 Episode 6, Leanne taunts Sean about who brought Jericho back. Did she bring him back by God or by some other force? Is it really Jericho? Does Leanne get meaner the more time she spends at home, or is it the other way around?

Pastor Nancy

Sean secretly went to church and asked Pastor Nancy for advice. The seemingly well-meaning woman showed up to Dorothy last week and was later invited to dinner. Dorothy has nothing but contempt for Sean’s newfound faith and should despise it without being downright rude. As Julian says, she has a master’s degree in wasp linguistics. Dinner goes horribly wrong, almost from the first moment, with Leanne being extremely cold towards Nancy and Sean planning a full meal around fish when she is vegan. Either Pastor Nancy is truly vegan, or she eats very specific things, like all cult members.

She also wears the same church t-shirt she wore at the block party. She said she was from service, but Leanne often said that cult members dress like they think other people should instead of what is actually “normal.” In any case, we know that she kept a big secret and that her way to God was diverted. She assaulted her elderly mother, who has dementia, in 2012. Sean and the prayer group knew about it, but Leanne shouldn’t have known. Is Leanne omniscient or did Sean talk in his sleep? Is it possible that Leanne did a cold read on Nancy similar to what a mentalist does? Almost everyone has things in their past that they are not proud of, and Nancy admitted that she came to her faith differently than most.

Maybe Leanne isn’t psychic, but gets very manipulative. Nancy’s behavior at dinner is somewhat reasonable considering the cruelty with which Leanne treats her and the condescension of Julian and Dorothy, but why does she have such a physical reaction to the meal? Does she sense something wrong with Leanne? In any case, it is worrying that Leanne hates the pastor so much. Either Nancy is a cult member trying to reach Leanne through Sean, or she’s a flawed human being. If she’s just flawed, then Leanne reacts very aggressively for no reason, and if she’s a cult member, the whole family is in danger again.

Sean and the Basement Baptism

Taylor is still in contact with Sean from Gourmet Gauntlet. He is, however, hesitant to do the show, considering what happened the last time he filmed anything. Dorothy and Nancy want him to, but Julian is understandably hesitant. Everything has a price, and pride comes before the fall are two clichés Sean uses to distract from the opportunity, but Leanne doesn’t accept these answers.

If everything we see in the house is from a Bible story, then Sean was baptized in the watery pit in the basement of the Turner house. Did Leanne drop it on purpose, knowing the water would somehow infect her? Or was it an accident, and she was horrified by his fall because she was afraid for him? Another intriguing possibility is that it is Judas, who will betray Jesus. In this scenario, Jericho or Leanne could be the Christ-like character. Both have been resurrected, so either is possible. At the end of Servant Season 3 Episode 6, Leanne practically convinced him to return to the show. Why she wants him gone, we don’t know. Is this family doomed to make the same mistakes again?


Is it better to admit what happened and heal or live in ignorance? Julian thinks Dorothy is too fragile to remember what happened to Jericho when Sean was filming last year. That’s why he doesn’t want Sean to take the hosting job at Gourmet Gauntlet. It may be too late, because Dorothy has now seen footage of Sean from a year ago. She doesn’t remember anything, but her memories are slowly coming back. So what if she remembers everything? She knows the threat of the cult is back and has seen with her own eyes what Leanne warned her about.

She was planting purple petunias in the garden and mentioned that things get stronger when they get a little roughed up. Is it a simple fact of gardening or is it related to something from his past? Purple petunias traditionally symbolize peace and grace, but petunias can also express resentment and anger. Both would be possible in this situation. When Sean asks Dorothy to be nice at dinner, she calls herself a lamb, but he says she’s a wolf. We know she’s mentally weak, but is she somehow a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

The symbolism of the fish

The fish is an important symbol in Christianity. It is a symbol of Christ. It represents fertility and transformation, and abundance. In the Bible, Jesus is able to feed 5000 people with only two fish and five loaves. Additionally, the parable about teaching a man to fish rather than just giving him a fish explains the importance of learning self-reliance and skill. God helps those who help themselves.

There’s still a lot to unpack just over halfway through Servant Season 3. The prominent detached camera work leads us to see what is happening in the house from a voyeuristic point of view. Much of this season was shot through a window where our view is obstructed. The final scene shows Leanne from the perspective of an outside window. Are we simply observers of a play or story that has already happened? Would this indicate that there are three stories? Sean and Dorothy are inadvertently faked, leaving only Julian as a non-resident of the house to act as our revealer. Follow all of our Servant coverage here.

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