Birth, age, real name, family, education, career, religion, net worth, Oscars, etc.

Biography of AR Rahman: AR Rahman is an Indian composer, singer, songwriter, music producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist. As the Madras Mozart turns 55 today, let’s look at his life.

AR Rahman Biography

Birth January 6, 1967
Real name AS Dileep Kumar
Age 55 years
Religion Islam (converted at age 23 from Hinduism)

Musician RK Shekhar (Father)

Kareema Beegum (mother, born as Kashturi)


Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan

Madras Christian College, Chennai

Madras Christian College Upper Secondary School

Trinity College of Music, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Spouse Saira banu

Khateeja Rahman (daughter)

Rahima Rahman (daughter)

AR Ameen (son)

Net value US $ 24 million

Padma shri

Padma bhushan

2 Oscars

4 national awards

Biography of AR Rahman: birth, age, real name, family, Education, and religious

AR Rahman was born AS Dileep Kumar on January 6, 1967 in Madras, Tamil Nadu to musician RK Shekhar and Kareema Beegum (born Kashturi). Rahman started learning the piano at the age of four and helped his father in the studio.

When Rahman was nine, his father passed away. Rahman who was then studying at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan started working to support his family. In addition, the family rented musical instruments from his father for a living.

While Rahman worked hard to make ends meet, he failed the exams. Ms YGP, then the principal of the school, summoned her mother and told her to take her to the streets of Kodambakkam to beg and not to send her to school again.

After this incident, Rahman attended MCN for a year, then upper secondary school at Madras Christian College. However, Rahman dropped out of school with his mother’s permission to pursue a career in music.

He then obtained a scholarship from Trinity College London to Trinity College of Music and obtained a degree in Western Classical Music from Madras School of Music.

Rahman converted to Islam from Hinduism at the age of 23 with his family and changed his name to Allah Rakha Rahman (AR Rahman).

AR Rahman Music Career

At the age of nine, AR Rahman accidentally played a tune on the piano while he was with his father in the studio, which was later developed by RK Shekhar into a full song.

Initially, Rahman was trained under Master Dhanraj, and at the age of 11 he started playing in the orchestra of MK Arjunan, a Malayalam music composer and close friend of his father. Soon after, he started working with several composers, including MS Viswanathan, Vijaya Bhaskar, Ilaiyaraaja, Ramesh Naidu, Vijay Anand, Hamsalekha and Raj-Koti.

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