Vijayan denounces Sangh Parivar for attacks on Christian community

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told Sangh Parivar on Friday about recent attacks on the Christian community across the country and said such hate crimes would not work in the state.

Addressing the meeting of CPI-M delegates from the Palakkad district committee, Vijayan said that while Sangh Parivar activists attack Christians in other states, BJP leaders in Kerala claim to be caring for them. them.

Citing data from the Delhi-based United Christians Forum, Vijayan said there were 142 attacks on Christians in the country in 2015, which have grown to 478 this year.

The Sangh Parivar attacked the Christian community across the country. However, here in our state, BJP leaders are wandering around claiming to care about Christians. In Kerala we maintain a strong secular society. Such attacks will be strongly opposed in the state and such hate crimes will not work here, ” Vijayan said. He said Kerala has proven that there is an alternative to BJP.

The people of the country are considering the question of an alternative to the community ideology of Sangh Parivar. The country needs a strong ideology to oppose the communal agenda of the BJP. Only left-wing parties have a strong ideology to oppose Sangh Parivar, ” Vijayan said.

He said Congress cannot become an alternative to BJP because of the similarity in financial policy.

During this Christmas there were widespread attacks by the Sangh Parivar against the Christian community in the country. On December 24, they burned the effigy of Santa Claus. In Varanasi, Sangh Parivar activists broke into a hospital where Christmas celebrations were taking place and waved slogans from Jai Sriram alleging conversions were taking place. Many such incidents have happened in Uttar Pradesh, ” he said.

The Communist leader also listed the attacks on the minority community in Ambala in Haryana, where an unidentified gang destroyed the historic church there.

In Kurukshetra, they broke into a church and stopped the Christmas celebrations. They sang devotional Hindu songs there. In Gurugram, Sangh Parivar activists broke into a school where Christmas celebrations were being held, ” Vijayan said. Vijayan rejected Sangh Parivar’s claim that the Christian community was engaged in massive conversions.

They claim that the conversion is happening on a massive scale. Seven and a half decades have passed since we gained independence and the total Christian population is still only around 2.3%, ” Vijayan said. He said if the Christian community, which engaged in education, health and charity services, had converted on a large scale, then that percentage would have increased.

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