The Christian community celebrates Christmas with enthusiasm

The Christian community in Karachi, just like other parts of the world, celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on Saturday with traditional festivities and holiday cheer amid tight security.

Churches were decorated with Christmas trees and illuminated with colored lights in various parts of the city with Christian quarters including Essa Nagri, Paharganj, Kashmir Colony, Mehmoodabad, Michael Town, Zia Colony, Taiser Town and other quarters .

Twinkling lights and stars, and other trinkets such as bells, pinecones, apples, candies, balloons, and other decorative items could be seen in homes and churches.

A large number of members of the Christian community attended prayers in churches in Karachi, offering special prayers in honor of Christmas and for world peace, national integrity, solidarity and prosperity.

People also held cake cutting ceremonies and exchanged gifts.

To ensure the situation remains peaceful, a large contingent of police and rangers have been deployed around churches across the province.

Willam Sadiq, a Christian activist who attended prayers with his family at a church in Essa Nagri, said Christmas was a day of happiness and reminded everyone to follow the path of peace and learn tolerance while living with people of various religions.

He added that he not only celebrated the day with his Christian friends, but also with his Muslim neighbours, who always send gifts home at Christmas.

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