Christian community founded by Australian missionaries continues to grow in Sudan

Reported by Tony Davenport |

Thursday 23 December 2021

A Christian ministry founded by Australians in Sudan is still going strong, more than a century later.

The Nuba Mountains have more believers than any other region in the country.

They formed an autonomous government with the Muslim majority after surviving decades of war.

A Christian education ministry called “To Move Mountains” is working with this government to provide more schools and teachers.

Founder Ryan Boyette told Vision Radio that Australian missionaries have left an incredible legacy.

He says they have built local leadership over their many years in the region.

This allowed the church to grow tremendously in times of war and conflict, even after missionaries were expelled from the country.

Boyette said Nuba remained calm after the recent military coup in Sudan.

Prior to the coup, the Joint Military-Civilian Sovereign Council signed a peace accord with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in the Nuba Mountains, guaranteeing freedom of belief and religious and worship practices to all Sudanese.

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