Christian church holding two special services


December 15 — First Christian Church in Woodward is hosting two special community services this season. One for those who mourn the loss of a loved one and the other for a Christmas Eve service.

The “A Blue Christmas” Memorial and Hope Service is this Thursday at 6 p.m. at 1316 9th St.

“We have had quite a few members of our church who lost parents in the last year,” said Pastor Ronnie Hopkins. “We want to make sure that they also have the opportunity to mourn during the Christmas season.”

According to Hopkins, the first year after losing a loved one is a year of firsts. Every first vacation can be difficult.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to go through and have the joy of Christmas, like everyone else does,” Hopkins said. “A blue Christmas is going to be a safe place for people to come and share a memory about loved ones and also work through those feelings.”

This can be especially difficult for children, according to Hopkins.

“It’s supposed to be a time of great joy,” Hopkins said. “But when they sit down and think of their parents or grandparents or someone they have lost, it is sometimes hard to find that Christmas cheer.”

Hopkins offers this time to acknowledge the grief.

“It’s okay to have those feelings,” Hopkins said. “Especially during this time when everyone around is celebrating and you kind of want to go through a grieving process.”

The Christmas Eve service is at 3:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Hôpital Santé Alliance.

“We’ve found that often when people visit loved ones in the hospital, they don’t have the chance to escape,” Hopkins said. “It will be both for anyone in the community, but also for those who visit the hospital and the staff there.”

For more information, call The First Christian Church at 580-256-7896.


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