OLG celebrates the Eucharistic procession | Religion

Rose petals lined the path that the priests of the Notre-Dame du Golfe Catholic Church took with the Eucharist out of the church and on the road as part of the Eucharistic procession of Christ the King on Sunday.

Before the procession, Father Tommy Chen urged parishioners to make Jesus not only king of their personal lives, but of the universe.

“We must resolve to bring the kingdom of God here on Earth,” Chen said.

The procession was to publicly proclaim Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords to the public.

“If you believe in real righteousness, real life, real love, and real peace, then know that Christ is King and let him enter the hearts of all here,” he said.

The service included the hymn to Jesus Christ, our Sovereign King, and an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament as well as a homily and a prayer.

The procession formed as the choir sang Rejoice, The Lord Is King, then left the church for the neighborhood before returning to the church for the closing blessing.

“This is the end of our liturgical calendar,” said Father Tommy Chen.

A host, representing the body of Christ, is placed in a special receptacle, which is carried through the streets, Chen explained.

“We ritually proclaim him King of kings and Lord of lords,” he said.

The readings at the church over the past four weeks have touched the end of time and the final judgment, Chen said.

Advent opens the new liturgical year for Catholics.

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