The religion of cricket: let the sleeping gods lie

Pakistani cricketers are basically fooled and nothing they say surprises me – including Waqar Yunus who said he was happy Pakistani cricketers made noise among ‘Hindus’ (l ‘Indian team) after last Sunday’s victory or garbage for this purpose. Most Pakistani cricketers are fundamentally illiterate, besides having been brainwashed (like most of the Pakistani population) with “Pakistani studies” (fabricated story to rationalize the score) for over 70 years. They crave to be recognized by India that’s why they keep saying ridiculous things to get attention. Unfortunately, there are enough Indians who fall in love with this shtick.

As Pak cricket board honcho Rameez Raja himself acknowledged, Pakistani cricket lives on as the Indian cricket board (and the Indian public) crumbs are sweeping the table. They have been shut out of the IPL for over a decade and you can see resentment flowing frequently as generations of Pakistani cricketers miss the fame and fortune it brings, not to mention the little bump it brings. it gives to the economy. With the Pakistani cricket league attracting only a fraction of the IPL lollipop and talent, and the country struggling to attract international cricket (and all that is international), relative success alongside is arousing great envy. . So it is only natural that there is great joy among Pakistanis in beating India. I understand.

What I don’t understand is why Indians get mad at what a silly Pakistani cricketer says. Just enjoy the game; it will always produce a winner and a loser. Pakistan won fairly on a day when everything went well for them and they were the better team. This is not the end of the world. In current form and strength, my guess is Pakistan will beat India maybe one in five. It was the reverse in the 1970s and 1980s (helped by home referees and some “ball doctoring”). Pakistan’s decline (in both cricket and hockey) began in the 1990s, coinciding with its economic decline, but that’s a story for another day.

Among his cricketers there was also a visible mental decline. Exceptions such as Wasim Akram aside, the likes of Shahid Afridi, Shaoib Akhtar, Saeed Anwar, etc. When they put it all together they are unbeatable, but it happens, like I said, very occasionally. Most of the time it is a wreck barely able to stand up to Zimbabwe. I’m glad they have a good run in the T20 World Cup. They need it.

This namaz on the ground is not new. I once saw Inzaman ul Haq collapse to the ground during training to offer himself to the Lord. He and Saeed Anwar brought religion into the locker room. That’s what drove Bob Woolmer crazy. If I remember correctly, they brainwashed Yousuf Youhana, a Pakistani Christian, and turned him into Mohammed Yousuf. Inzy must have threatened to kick him off the team. (Surprisingly, Youhana became an even better drummer after the conversion.). Have you seen Inzy lately? Check it out on YouTube.

You’ll also find dozens of Pakistani cricketers and ‘experts’ with their own shows and channels whose commentary is largely focused on the discussion of Indian cricket (and often its trolling) as it catches the eye. of a thin-skinned Indian audience looking for something to offend. In regards to. Eyeballs = money. It’s a nice little racket. Shoaib Akhtar’s yt channel has 2.88 million subscribers and I bet you more than half are from India and want to hang on to his pearls of wisdom, but instead he doesn’t care. an idiot without much insight. It is a vehicle for self-promotion, enlargement and trolling.

None of this comes as a surprise. When the Oxonian Imran Khan – whom I once admired as an individual, not just as a cricketer – himself became a talibunny, I was not surprised by the frequent invocations of al hamdulillah etc. on the cricket ground. What bothers me is that India is now on the verge of producing a “har har mahadev” crowd to match their “allah hu akbar” crowd. I just hope the players or wingnuts don’t bring Jai Shri Ram or some other bhagwan pasand slogan to the ground. Imagine an Indian player accepting a man of the match with frequent references to God and religion, and ending his remarks with…. (choose your religious slogan here).

I don’t like my sports polluted by religion. May the sleeping gods lie.



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