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Iowa State students can join ACF by visiting Iowa State Student Organizations Web page.

According to Jedidiah Chukwusom, president of the Adventist Christian Fellowship, for community members in the State of Iowa who wish to connect with Christ and bond with others who share their beliefs, ACF is a student organization. which offers this opportunity to its members.

According to the constitution of the Adventist Christian community, this organization was created to provide Christian students and friends with a place where they feel comfortable, accepted and valued without discrimination.

President Jedidiah Chukwusom, a senior in chemical engineering, leads and organizes meetings and events, maintains communication between members and the advisor, represents the organization on campus, and ensures that state standards of l ‘Iowa and the Student Activities Center are respected. Other officers alongside him are Treasurer Hyun Seon Kim and Councilor Mona Berkley.

Typically, officers and councilors are elected by majority agreement of members and serve for one year, but this year was different. Chukwusom stepped in to support and help build the organization when needed.

“I really didn’t decide I wanted the job, it was more of a necessity for the organization,” said Chukwusom. “Prior to becoming president, ACF was not a recognized student organization in the state of Iowa. In order to develop the organization, the faculty advisor approached me to be interim president. I chose to do so to help ACF grow and have since remained president to continue to foster that growth. ”

Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at the Ames Seventh-day Adventist Church from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. To begin the meeting, a meal is prepared by the members of the church. As a result, a member leads an activity, such as questions or icebreaker games, and then important announcements are made. To conclude, a member chooses a topic and leads the discussion.

“This week I led the discussion and chose to lead a discussion on mental health and how the Bible encourages professional and spiritual help for those who suffer from mental illnesses, and furthermore that they do not. There is no need to be ashamed of mental health issues, ”Chukwusom mentioned.

Along with meetings, ACF is involved in volunteer work, group activities and Bible study. Recently, they went for a hike at Ledges State Park and are considering having a church service. Members can also suggest and plan some of these activities.

It is a new organization with 12 members, including nine students from the state of Iowa, but ACF continues to grow. Members should attend meetings regularly and support the goals of the organization. Anyone can register by visiting the Iowa State Student Organization Page or by sending an email to Chukwusom at [email protected]

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