New Social Network “FaithMeet” Created For The Christian Community Brings Denominational Content From Churches Around The World And Provides A One-Stop Destination For Digital Worship

WILMINGTON, Del., September 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Spiritual sustenance is just a few clicks away with FaithMeet, a new social networking app for Christians around the world. FaithMeet was developed to exclusively connect churches and Christian and community members with only faith-based Christian content on the social media platform.

In the social media space, Christianity and the spread of the gospel have had to rely on secular digital platforms provided by various tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. And there is a lack of quality Christian content on these platforms, according to Godwin rose samuel, the founder of Delawarecompany based in Rovinsa, which developed the FaithMeet application.

“There is an obvious void in the Christian space because there is no social media just dedicated to churches and Christians around the world,” Samuel said.

“We realized that existing social media platforms are inadequate for the needs of Christians today. More and more people are being forced out of social media due to the lack of options in the space and the lack of inspired gospel content. We knew we had to create a platform that will meet the needs of Christianity and as a means to upload Christian content. The result was FaithMeet, a new media platform social like no other, ”he added.

FaithMeet was inspired by the ideas of “Religion, Gospel and Technology”. FaithMeet enables Christians around the world to connect their church of choice for content and eliminates the need for Christians to follow church pages on multiple social media platforms that lack quality Christian content or have content that distracts them. users.

Among the features of FaithMeet are digital interactions that provide quick responses to prayer requests and other calls; real-time updates of events, activities and announcements from churches around the world; the ability for members to provide tithes and offerings to churches and ministries of their interest; and seamless user access to the content platform of various churches, as well as videos and songs.

Additionally, FaithMeet, which will launch later this year, serves as a platform for churches to manage their members.

Churches that join the platform will be able to create giving plans that members can use to contribute to their churches with just one click. They will also be able to receive donations and tithes from users around the world and post live videos so that users can attend events virtually.

FaithMeet is designed specifically for the Christian community by Christians. “You will only find Christian content, produced by churches with their followers in mind,” Samuel said. “We are developing a bold new way of thinking about social media, focusing exclusively on Christian social networks and Christian content, focusing on the work we need to do as a community and people living the teachings of Jesus christ. “

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About Rovinsa
Rovinsa was founded in 2021 by Godwin rose samuel with the mission of providing a dedicated social media space for Christians. The result was FaithMeet, a social network with all Christian content, all in one place. FaithMeet is the world’s premier Christian social networking platform serving clients around the world.

Samuel’s desire to create the network was driven by both faith and a passion for digital innovation. This passion led to FaithMeet, the product that Samuel loved to develop as much as he enjoys offering it to the Christian community.

Samuel invites all FaithMeet users with questions or comments to contact him without hesitation.

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