The replacement of the steeple of the first Christian church faces a rain delay

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Tyler’s First Christian Church was ready to set up its new steeple. However, today’s downpour puts the brakes on the plan. KLTV’s Lexi Vennetti has an update on how things are going.

Rising to over 110 feet, it replaces the cross originally installed during the construction of the church in 1965.

“After renovations to the entire campus, we noticed that our cross was slightly marked. Fearing that the cross would fall from above, we removed it and started making plans to rebuild the steeple with the cross rising high above. Now we are proud to bring the cross back to the corner of Broadway and Loop 323, ”said Senior Minister Dr Chris Pulliam.

Reconstruction of Tyler’s First Christian Church began in 2014.

“What started as an air conditioning problem seven years ago quickly grew into a larger renovation project, including the steeple. During this time, we have renovated our building, adding new spaces, including a versatile meeting and social space as well as a contemporary place of worship. The children’s wing has been completely rebuilt and is now the site of our new early childhood center, which opened last January, ”added Dr Pulliam.

The First Christian Church has been a landmark in the busiest corner of East Texas for over 55 years and not only serves as a center of congregational worship but also hosts dozens of community groups and organizations on the campus.

“We look forward to your next visit to the First Christian Church Sunday or other campus. If your group needs a meeting place, perhaps FCC could serve you this way. Our doors are open, ”said Dr Pulliam.

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