How faith saved Alisson in her darkest hours

As soon as Alisson could find some space after being assaulted by astonished teammates, he knelt down on the Hawthorns turf and then pointed at the sky. “Thank you, Lord,” he whispered in Portuguese, as tears began to rise to his eyes.

On the surface, the Liverpool keeper seemed to be grateful for becoming the first goalkeeper to score a competitive goal in the club’s 129-year history, a remarkably dexterous header, deep in stoppage time, which rekindled their ambitions in Champions League.

Still, there was more at stake here. Alisson’s faith is not just a question of spectacle: it is an integral part of his identity and has served as a source of strength since the death of his father, José Agostinho Becker, who drowned last February in the Alisson farm in rural Rio Grande. do Sul.

There was no dilution of the impact of José’s death on Alisson. The 57-year-old was close to his son, who returned to the farm on vacation to ride horses, cook barbecues and listen to Brazilian country music with his father. Jose, himself an amateur goalkeeper, would always enjoy kicking with his sons, one of whom, Muriel, is a goalkeeper at Fluminense.

But in those dark times, Alisson at least had her faith to fall back on. “This has been the key for him and his family over the past few months,” says Zé Maria, Alisson’s agent and friend of the Becker family for nearly 20 years, who broke the news of José’s death by telephone. to Alisson.

“I wanted him to hear it from someone who cares about him and not through the press or social media. It was extremely painful and it will take a long time to heal him completely, if ever. But they do. trust God with all their heart. and I firmly believe that this is part of something bigger. “

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