Andrei’s Orthodox Christian religion explained

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet of 90 Day Fiance got married according to her religious traditions. The couple’s beautiful ceremony thrilled fans.

TLC 90 day fiancé; Happy forever? has trucks full of drama, but it’s also a nice glimpse into so many different cultures, including the Orthodox Christian faith of Andrei Castravet. Last night’s episode showed Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet marrying for the second time, with Moldovan traditions. Even though Libby’s brother Charlie looked like he was going to explode if he didn’t make a sarcastic comment, the 90 day fiancé; Happy forever? couple had a breathtaking ceremony that wowed everyone. For those who want to learn more about Andrei’s Orthodox Christian religion in Moldova, here are the details.

90 day fiancéElizabeth and Andrei began documenting their journey in Season 5. Although their relationship was fraught with obstacles (like any TLC couple), Elizabeth from Tampa, Florida, USA, and Andrei from Chisinau, Moldova, tried to get their happiness. after a moment, not once, but twice. The biggest obstacle to date remains the palpable tension between their two uncertain families. While Happy forever?, Andrei, who is 33, has revealed that it is important that he and Elizabeth, 29, get married a second time in a Moldovan church. He also wanted to baptize their 17 month old daughter, Eleanor. The turn of the story came when Andrei asked Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck, to foot the bill for the posh wedding. Elizabeth’s American family reluctantly moved to Moldova. In addition to Andrei’s woes, Elizabeth’s brother Charlie didn’t even try to hide his disapproval. The ensuing drama between Andrei and Charlie makes it easy 90 day fiancétop five drama ‘, but another topic of discussion among viewers last night was the religion of former bouncer Andrei.

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Elizabeth Potthast converted to the faith of Andrei Castravet

When Elizabeth first visited Andrei’s Church in Moldova to obtain “baptized converted slash“To her religion, her husband had specified that”it’s called orthodox christian. “Libby from 90 day fiancé star later confessed to the cameras, “There are so many rules that follow a baptism. She added, “So you can’t wear makeup, you have to wear a headscarf, you have to be dressed in all white and that’s brand new to me. It’s like, literally another world.. “Like Andrei, 97% of Moldovans identify as Orthodox Christians. BBC, the Orthodox Church has about 300 million followers and is made up of a number of autonomous churches which are either “autocephalous“(ie having your own head) or”autonomous“(meaning autonomy). The Orthodox Churches are united in faith and by a common approach to theology, tradition and worship. These Churches also draw on elements of Greek, Middle Eastern, Russian culture and Slavic. Greek words “orthos“(meaning” to the right “) and”doxa“(which means” belief “) form the word” orthodox “which means”correct belief or right thought. “Andreï Castravet from 90 day fiancé The Orthodox Catholic Church is commonly known as the Eastern Orthodox Church, in part to avoid confusion with the Roman Catholic Church. “The Orthodox Churches share with other Christian Churches the belief that God has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, and a belief in the incarnation of Christ, his crucifixion and his resurrection., specifies the source.

According to DW, during its first thousand years, the Eastern Orthodox Church coexisted with the Rome-based Catholic Church, although the churches had theological and political differences. This led to the East-West Schism, also known as the Great Schism, in 1054 AD, in which Rome and Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) parted ways. The western part became the Roman Catholic Church with the Patriarch of Rome, known as the Pope, while the Eastern Orthodox Church has the Patriarch of Constantinople, also considered “first among peers“(first among his peers).

Andrei Castravet’s religion features a patriarch

With historical developments, Eastern Orthodox Churches may also have a local patriarch. Christianity States, “Religion emphasizes a way of life and beliefs that are manifested especially through worship. By preserving the conventional method of worshiping God, handed down from the earliest days of Christianity, Eastern Christians maintain that they are recognizing the true doctrine of God in the right (orthodox) way.. “The Orthodox Church’s Bible is that of most Western churches, except that its Old Testament is not based on Hebrew, but on the ancient Jewish translation into Greek, called the Septuagint. prayer represent an essential part of Orthodox Christian life. Orthodox people believe that fasting can be the “foundation of all good. “The discipline of removing food from the body can empower a believer to focus their mind completely on preparation for prayer and spiritual matters.

Easter is the most significant and holiest season in the calendar of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Easter mainly commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a series of celebrations or movable feasts. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity, spiritual preparations begin with Great Lent, 40 days of introspection and fasting (including Sunday), which begins on Pure Monday and ends on Lazarus Saturday. Christmas is preceded by a 40 day fast starting on November 15th. On Christmas Day, which falls on January 7, people participate in the divine liturgy, after which many participate in processions to seas, rivers and lakes, and have parties inside. Rituals are lacking on the commercial side that we see in the West. Andrei from 90 day fiancé grew up experiencing Easter rituals in a different way than many people from other nations.

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A wedding has a coronation rite

Marriage is celebrated through the coronation rite, showing the importance of the couple’s eternal union, as shown on 90 day fiancé. After the ceremony, Andrei and Elizabeth had a lavish reception, with a talented orchestra and dancers. “Entertainment at Moldovan weddings is always a big thing”, Andrei confessed to the cameras. And while Elizabeth’s siblings Charlie and Jen criticized Andrei Castravet for spending lavishly on the wedding, 90 day fiancé fans loved watching the fairytale ceremonies unfold on screen.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: BBC, DW, Christianity, @elizabethpotthast Andrei Castravet via Instagram

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