Some time ago the trend of celebrating weddings with luxurious events began to be popular, especially among Instagram users. You could say that at this time the wedding event was already like a place to compete with each other. Some of them even make this event a place to show off the results of achievement and show social status. Actually there was nothing wrong with the event, except that some of the events actually plunged the bride and groom into the debt hole. The high cost of marriage can lead to high debt deposits, many couples who propose unsecured loan to hold large-scale weddings. Ironically, many couples are actually confused because they are in debt when the wedding is over.

Remember the Initial Purpose of Marriage

Each couple has a different view on this matter, but in general, marriage is actually bringing together two commitments between two people who become one. In addition, marriage also functions to unite the two families and accept each other’s habits. This unification of commitment must really be important, the implementation is not only in a magnificent event, it can be simple as long as it is sacred and both parties feel happy and not stressed on the wedding day. Therefore, do not make a wedding as a moment to show off each other’s assets or show social status, but make this event a special moment for the bride and groom.

Rent a Wedding Dress

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Some brides have dream dresses that you want to use on your wedding day.The choices can be in the form of buying a ready-made dress, and some using designer services to design their dream gown. Of course both costs are certainly high, not a few wedding dresses touching tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah. To get around this, usually the bride and groom choose to rent a wedding dress so that the price is lower. If the bride and groom really want to make a wedding gown, do research on what kind of designer tastes design and the cost of the service fits the bag. After the wedding is over, rent the dress so that you can re-gain additional income to cover the cost of making that is quite expensive.

Another option you can do is to borrow or buy a wedding gown that has been worn by a friend. 99% of wedding dresses are only used once, so instead of filling the cupboard and making the dress dusty it is better to sell the dress for you to wear on the day of H.

No Need to Invite All Contacts

Indonesian custom while holding a wedding usually invites all known people, both near and not. Some of them even invited acquaintances of parents who were not too close, all just so that the party seemed luxurious and attended by many invitees. Even though more and more people are invited, the bigger the building, the more catering, and the more invitations needed. All culminate in rising costs. Our advice, choose guests who are really close to you and your partner. The wedding moment will be more memorable if witnessed by the closest people, right?

Follow the Invitation in the Form of Soft Copy

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Although the price for printing an invitation is only in the thousands, if printed a lot it can cost quite a lot. Given the technology that has developed, it is better if you make an invitation in the form of .JPEG or .JPG then send invitations via social messenger such as WhatsApp or LINE or via email. This method will cut the cost of marriage much more, after all you also do not need to spend the shipping costs of the invitation too. If you want to be even cheaper, you can also design your own wedding invitation online.

Focus on One Factor Only

Given the high costs that must be incurred when holding a wedding reception, the way that can be dealt with is to focus on just one factor so that the costs that are swallowed up are not too much. For example, if the bride thinks that the food factor in the wedding is the most important factor, then focus on spending on the post. Some types of couples assume that if the food is not tasty, it can create a bad impression in the eyes of the guests. Choose a catering that you think best suits your tastes, then reduce spending on other posts. So you no longer need to invite many guests, print invitations, or use expensive dresses and decorations. This method can be more effective for you so you can save more on the cost of marriage.

Starting the Ark of Marriage with Debt?

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So many factors must be financed, not a few people who apply for loans (usually in the form of unsecured loan or credit card payments) to the bank. Some other people actually also use online loan services , because now online loans are available specifically for couples who want to finance the cost of their marriage. Actually using unsecured loan does not hurt as long as the couple has calculated and is able to pay off the debt.

But what if the couple already knew from the start that they were unable to pay off the debt? Of course you don’t want to start a marriage with debt that stands before your eyes. A marriage that starts with debt will slowly put pressure and can be a time bomb in a relationship. Based on the article reported by GBN News , the University of Indonesia’s socio-cultural observer and expert said that one of the factors causing divorce is an economic factor. As part of the economy, of course the problem of rising debt can be a factor in divorce, because couples who are pressured to pay off debts left after the wedding.

To cut the cost of marriage, you can use free sites that can help you become a wedding planner at your own wedding. You can design invitations online with various templates available. In addition, you can also arrange a list of invited guests and enter various information about your wedding; for example: schedules and locations, gift lists that can be a reference for guests so they give gifts that suit your needs. You can also use this site to upload pre-wedding photos.