Often we meet people who complain about debt. Debt can have an impact on many things, especially health conditions due to the emergence of stress because of thinking about how to pay off these debts. Economic conditions that are too tight are often the main reason for someone to owe. The bad news is that many people have difficulty escaping the debt they make.

 Before you can get out of debt, let

We wants to help you improve your financial situation, especially to escape your debt. In our previous articles, we have also discussed tips that you can try to improve your financial condition.


Before you can get out of debt, let’s check whatever can cause people to owe, as follows:

  • Hit by disaster

    Hit by disaster

    Disasters are things that are beyond human control. When hit by an accident such as an accident or illness, usually the costs required are quite large. This is when someone who does not have enough savings will borrow money for medical expenses. If the cost of treatment is very much needed, then someone will continue to owe until the amount is too large to be difficult to escape from the debt.

  • Loss of a job

    Sometimes a lack of skills makes a person less competitive and must be dismissed from his job. There is a reduction in the number of employees because the company’s financial problems also make someone lose their job.

    Someone who loses his job must find another source of money to fulfill his daily life. If a new job does not come, then you have to be in debt for survival.

    This kind of situation that lasts a long time can make debts accumulate more and more difficult to escape from it.

  • Buy goods

    Buy goods

    Everyone needs to buy goods that are sometimes quite expensive, but they cannot be avoided because they are needed. For example, home, car, school fees, and so on. Not infrequently to meet these needs someone must be in debt, for example in the form of installments.

    Installments although on the one hand relieve you, installments are still debts that must be repaid. Installments are burdensome when you have a lot of installments so you can’t control the amount per month.

  • Open a business

    Open a business

    Usually to open a new business, a large amount of capital is needed. Often people make loans to start a business. If the business can run smoothly, then the debt can be paid. But if the business encounters obstacles, not infrequently the new debt will arise from there.

You can’t avoid some of the above in your life, so having debt is unavoidable. However, you can learn to control or to consolidate the debt that you have and follow the tips to escape the debt that has shared before.

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